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"We, the people of St. Jude Parish, are a faith community who choose to come together to experience God’s love in the Roman Catholic tradition. Our fundamental mission, as a sacramental people, is to live the gospel in a way that makes us known for our love. As a diverse and inclusive Church family, we seek to provide opportunities for the growth of the whole person at all age levels and social strata. We strive to celebrate the gifts of each person, and together serve one another and our world. We invite all persons to share in our prayer, liturgical celebrations, education opportunities, social justice efforts, social activities, and Parish support. We ask God to lead us in our journey as we seek to faithfully respond to the Good News of Jesus Christ."


Saturday: 5:00 PM

Sunday: 9:00 AM & 11:30 AM

Tuesday: 12:30 PM
Wednesday: 9:00 AM
Thursday: 9:00 AM
Friday: 9:00 AM

December 24
Children's Masses   4:00PM and 5:15PM - Children are invited to come as angels, shepherds and shepherdesses, kings or an animal surrounding the Christ child. If you have any questions, call Karla at 541.686.4782.
Simbang Mass         6:30PM
Midnight Mass         8:00PM
December 25
Christmas Day         9:00AM and 11:30AM

Friday: 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM
Saturday: 4:00 PM to 4:30 PM or by appointment

Friday: 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM 

4330 Willamette Street
Eugene OR 97405


January 9-10, 2021

Dear St. Jude Family,

A blessed and prosperous New Year to all! We are at the threshold of a new beginning, with new opportunities to serve our beloved parish and community of St. Jude. It is encouraging to remember that the first solemn feast that we observed on the first day of 2021 was the Solemnity of the Motherhood of Mary as the Mother of Jesus and our own Mother too. It is very symbolic especially to our Christian faith as it means that the Blessed Mary ushers us into the beginning of the year, re-assuring us that she will be with us through thick and thin and that her perpetual, motherly love is ever ready and will never end.
It is in this energy and spirit that we should welcome this brand-new year and greet one another. Thus, we should mean it when we say “Happy New Year”, because saying to one another this simple greeting means we our sincerely praying for one another to have, not just a happy new year, but happy years to come. Most importantly, it means that with the Blessed Mother Mary, we will look forward to tomorrow in hope. To patiently deal with our daily ordeals of life is to possess not just mere optimism, but an authentic Christian hope. As one famous Catholic theologian, Henri Nouwen, said, ‘while optimism makes us live as if someday soon things will go better for us, hope frees us from the need to predict the future and allows us to live in the present, with deepest trust that God will never leave us alone but will fulfill the deepest desires of our heart.’ Indeed, our Christian hope does not depend on the ups and downs of our lives but on our completely and totally entrusting ourselves into the hands of God, to his divine will, and to his divine embrace.
As we begin this year, let us fervently ask for the intercession, protection and guidance of the Blessed Mary. This year, more than ever, may we become a community that is appreciative of the new life and new hope we have been given. So much so that we may use our time wisely and not waste it, spend it sensibly and not squander it and employ it carefully and not recklessly. Let us all live our lives to be happy, to live in hope, and to serve our community of St. Jude in joy.
As your pastor, I reach out to you in joy and hope to let you know that I am here to walk with you and accompany you all throughout the year as one happy and active family of faith. May this New Year be a better year for our parish family, so that in spite of pandemic, we can still be a more active community in the life, service, and mission of the parish. And I am counting on all of you and your participation for this hopeful year.
Happy New Year! My priestly blessings be upon you and your family +

Praying for you,
Fr. Pao

St. Jude's Catholic Church in Eugene OR welcomes people of all ages and stages:
young adults, families, seniors and visitors alike.

Nestled on a hilltop in South Eugene, with a sanctuary enclosed on three sides by full length glass panels, we look out at our beautiful rock garden and our 10’ tall Risen Christ, with Spencer Butte in the background.  Our masses are blessed by the view of God's world and are often visited by God's creatures - deer, birds, wild turkeys - outside our windows!

We invite you to join us for Mass | Make sure you bookmark our new website

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Call or email Katherine at the parish office to see what future dates might be available. Flowers will be delivered by Chase Flowers, who will bill you directly thereafter ($55).

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COVID-19 Pandemic - Re-Opening of Masses

We are so happy to share the news that Masses have begun again, on a limited basis. Fr. Pao will be our celebrant for all Masses.  
Our schedule remains:
  • Sun. 9:00A and 11:30A (LIMITED TO 80 PERSONS - SIGNUP REQUIRED)

Click "Register Here" below to sign up for mass.


There are many protocols we must follow to keep everyone safe and adhere to official regulations. You can find the detailed by clicking here: “Reopening Guidelines to Parishioners”.
We are limited (to conform with state guidelines) to a congregation of just 80 people per Mass. This means that not everyone who wants to come at a particular time or even every week will be able to. Individuals and families will have to register for Mass which can be done online (see the sign up link above) or by calling the office. Space is on a first come, first serve basis, and we ask that you reserve only one Mass time each week.  The link to each week's sign-ups will be in the weekly Mass announcement from Flocknote or is accessible from this site (see link just above).
Congregants are asked to be at church 15 minutes before start time and will be checked off on arrival. Doors will be locked when Mass starts and no one will be admitted after that time. No one can attend Mass who has not registered.
The archdiocese reminds us that dispensation of our normal Sunday Mass obligation continues through the end of this year. Those over 60 are urged to be particularly careful, and, if you are ill, don't even think about attending. Likewise, our communion obligation is to receive only once per year.
We began live streaming one of our weekend masses on Facebook in August. Visit our Facebook page (click link at left) and scroll down to "Videos" to see the latest mass recording.