From The Pastor's Desk

Dear St. Jude Family,

Blessings of good health!

This 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time, the Gospel is about the parable of Lazarus and the rich man. It narrates that the rich man was completely unconcerned for the situation of his poor neighbor Lazarus. The rich man enjoyed himself, while Lazarus wallowed in his needs. When they both died and had to receive their eternal recompense, the situation was reversed. Lazarus was in heaven, while the rich man was thrust into hell.

It is important to make the necessary clarifications about the parable that the rich man was not condemned because he was rich. He was not punished because he lived in abundance. On the other hand, Lazarus was not rewarded because he was poor.  The Gospel does not imply that wealth is bad, nor does it glorify poverty. Rather, the rich man was condemned because he did nothing. He was insensitive to the sufferings of Lazarus. He was indifferent to him and did not care.

This Sunday, we are reminded that there is a danger in being obsessed with riches. It is a great temptation to acquire, to possess, and to hoard riches at the expense of other people. The Church, Our Mother, following the teachings and actions of Christ, has always had a special concern for all those in need – the poor, the sick, the homeless, prisoners, travelers, orphans and widows, etc. She does manifest a love for the poor because of Christ’s commandment of love. If much is given to us, then more is expected from us. Riches should be utilized to merit eternal goods. They should be shared to gain the eternal reward. As we go through the week, may we ask, Who are those people in my life to whom I have to reach out and bring back to God?

Praying for you all,

Fr. Pao