From The Pastor's Desk

Dear St. Jude Family,

Greetings of peace!

This 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time, the Gospel illustrates the dynamics of envy. The laborers in the vineyard reported to work at different times, agreeing to receive the same amount of pay. At day’s end, those who worked earlier begrudged those who worked later for their equal pay. Sad and angry at their co-workers and the landowner, they felt only betrayal and unfairness. They felt they deserved more and forgot to focus on their blessing.

From the Gospel, we learn that what was given to the workers was not based on efficiency or profitability, on competence or responsibility. What can we conclude about God? In the gospel, the laborers did not perform the same length of service and yet received the same pay, and here we learn certain truths about God. One is that for God, it is not the length of service but the love we put into the work that matters. God is after dedication and commitment. God is after quality, not quantity. This is the mystery of God’s gracious love. Two is that God is always ready to give. God is always gracious. God is always offering many beautiful opportunities to us, but God will never be gracious to an envious person.

Praying for you,

Fr. Pao