The Greeters are an important part of the hospitality of St. Jude Church.  We welcome parishioners and visitors as they enter church, make sure they have hymnals and that they find appropriate seating.  We find willing participants to be the Gift Bearers during Mass, and then, after doing the collection, we mange the presentation of the gifts during the Offertory. At the end of Mass, we distribute bulletins and make sure the collection is safely placed in the Sacristy safe.

Note: no Greeters' Schedules have been published since we went into the COVID-19 lockdown/limited mass schedule in March. When masses are fully scheduled in the future, Greeters Schedules will once again be published.

Greeters' Schedule January 11 - February 16 2020

Greeters' Schedule November 30 2019 - January 4 2020

Greeters' Schedule October 19 - November 24 2019