When a loved one has died, we offer consolation and guidance to the family members in planning a funeral or memorial liturgy. This is best done in person, and appointments are made by contacting the parish office at 541-344-1191.  We can coordinate the time of funeral with some flexibility, especially if advance arrangements have been made.  Please contact us anytime, especially if a death is imminent, to begin the liturgy planning process.

“‘If one member suffers in the body of Christ which is the Church, all the members suffer with that member” (1 Cor 12:26).  For this reason, those who are baptized into Christ and nourished at the same table of the Lord are responsible for one another…So too when a member of Christ’s Body dies, the faithful are called to a ministry of consolation to those who have suffered the loss of one whom they love.”

- Order of Christian Funerals, no. 8