St. Jude Catholic Church Eugene OR

St. Jude's Catholic Church in Eugene OR welcomes people of all ages and stages:
young adults, families, seniors and visitors alike.

Nestled on a hilltop in South Eugene, with a sanctuary enclosed on three sides by full length glass panels, we look out at our beautiful rock garden and our 10’ tall Risen Christ, with Spencer Butte in the background.  Our masses are blessed by the view of God's world and are often visited by God's creatures - deer, birds, wild turkeys - outside our windows!

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St. Jude's weekend mass is live streamed on our Facebook page.  Just click the link below and scroll down to the "Videos" section. And see all our other St. Jude postings as well!


"We, the people of St. Jude Parish, are a faith community who choose to come together to experience God’s love in the Roman Catholic tradition. Our fundamental mission, as a sacramental people, is to live the gospel in a way that makes us known for our love. As a diverse and inclusive Church family, we seek to provide opportunities for the growth of the whole person at all age levels and social strata. We strive to celebrate the gifts of each person, and together serve one another and our world. We invite all persons to share in our prayer, liturgical celebrations, education opportunities, social justice efforts, social activities, and Parish support. We ask God to lead us in our journey as we seek to faithfully respond to the Good News of Jesus Christ."




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Holy Thursday: Last Supper Mass held March 28th at 6:00 pm to be followed by Perpetual Adoration of Altar of Repose until midnight.
Good Friday: The following will be held on March 29th: Stations of the Cross at 1:00 pm; Divine Mercy Chaplet Novena at 2:00 pm; The Passion of Christ (Veneration of the Cross) at 5:30 pm. 
Holy Saturday/Easter Vigil: Held March 30th at 7:30 pm.
Easter Sunday Masses– Held March 31st at 9:00 am & 11:30 am

General Mass Times

Saturday: 5:00 PM
Sunday: 9:00 AM & 11:30 AM

Tuesday: 12:30 PM
Wednesday: 9:00 AM
Thursday: 9:00 AM
Friday: 9:00 AM

Saturday: 4:00 PM to 4:30 PM or by appointment

Every 1st Friday of the Month, following daily Mass

4330 Willamette Street
Eugene OR 97405

Currently unavailable as of July, will update when possible.


The Parish Office is open for walk-ins from Tuesday-Friday from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm (Wednesday 10:00 am to 2:00 pm).  Phone calls and emails will be answered during that time as well.  Please contact the office for personal appointments.

NEW PARISHIONERS:  Kindly contact the office to formally include you in our registration. Registration and Welcome forms are available in the office and at the back of the church.

Dear St. Jude Family,

Blessings of peace!  
This 9th Sunday in Ordinary Time, we celebrate the Solemnity of the Most Precious Body and Blood of Christ. In the Passover celebration with his disciples, the bread and wine of the Holy Eucharist became the real Body and Blood of Christ. 
They are not signs. They are not representations or symbols. The bread and wine provided are the true and real Body and Blood of Christ. They are substantially changed into his Body and Blood. 
This is not symbolic, not figurative, and not imaginary. It is a valid, real, and substantial change. Now when we go to church, we are not just visiting a space. We are encountering and experiencing Jesus himself.
Praying for you,

Fr. Pao



Rosa Smothers in Memory of Franz Ruepp. Thank you!


Please sign up to sponsor flowers for the altar for weekend Mass. It is an offering for your loved ones or a special occasion.


Call the parish office or Annegret to see what future dates might be available. Flowers will be delivered by Chase Flowers, who will bill you directly thereafter ($55).  However, there is a delivery fee of $12. 



Please join us for our celebration of First Communion on June 2nd at the 9:00 am Mass! 
Sunday classes will occur on:
- June 2nd (no Communion class)
RCIA Continues to meet at St. Jude's on Tuesdays 7:00 pm-9:00 pm.  Adult members of the community are welcome to come and learn more about their faith.  If you are interested in attending, please let the office know so we can keep you informed of any schedule changes.
Have a blessed and beautiful week!





  • Fr. Jon's Sunday Zoom: On hiatus for Summer Break from May 5th-Sep. 8th
  • St. Vincent de Paul Meeting: June 5th at 6:00 pm in the Parish Center
  • 2024 Rummage Sale: June 21st through 23rd. You may bring any lightly-used items to the church from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm each Tuesday through Friday or after the 9:00 am Sunday Mass
  • 2024 St. Jude Parish Directory: July 11th-13th. More information is above.
  • National Eucharistic Revival: July 17th through 21st in Indianapolis, IN.
  • World Wide Marriage Encounter: Bring the Holy Spirit into your marriage! Sessions are offered in Beaverton from Sep. 13th-15th. Please contact Linda or Aaron Gibbens at 541-344-8433 for more details.
  • Altar Society Meeting: Sep. 10th, all are welcome!
  • 2024 St. Jude Auction: Planned for Oct. 25th, more details to follow!
This Sunday, June 2nd, is the Feast of Corpus Christi. There will be a procession of the Blessed Sacrament in the parking lot following the Mass.
NO DAILY MASS (JUNE 4th & 5th)
There will be no daily Mass on Tuesday, June 4th or Wednesday, June 5th. This is so that we can install the tint on the glass ceiling of the altar. Thank you to everyone who helped with this goal!
As we observe Father’s Day on Sunday, June 16th, all of the fathers in attendance will be blessed at Mass after Holy Communion. We look forward to celebrating with you.
With the approach of Summer, we would deeply appreciate volunteers who could help us water areas on the parish grounds that aren’t covered by the sprinkler system. Please call the office if you would like to help, we would be very grateful.
We would like to appeal to you to consider donating to our Parish Projects for 2024. The estimates for each project are in bold below. We hope to finish all of these projects by the end of June.
- Creating a Eucharistic Perpetual Adoration Chapel- $5,000.
- Converting all parking lot lights to LEDs - estimated at $3,900
- Building a new sign for our Parish, and installing dedicated lighting - $7,000
- Installing a light pole by the entrance to the Parking Lot - $6,000
- Applying a tint on the surface of the glass ceiling above the Altar - $5,300
- Installing keypad locks on all the doors of the Parish Hall - $3,000
- New Church Projector
- Parish Directory
To support these goals, there are new donation envelopes available in the church which are marked "Facilities." Any contributions made within go specifically toward these causes.
Because of your help, we've achieved so many of our goals in the past. We want to continue to make St. Jude a better (and brighter) place for us all to connect to our faith and spend time together with God. Thank you!
We are excited to be working with Universal Church Directory to create a new parish directory. Photography dates are July 11th & 12th from 2:00 pm-8:30 pm and July 13th from 10:00 am-4:00 pm. 
Sign-up for photo sessions can be done on the physical calendar at the back of the church, by calling the office during business hours, or online at with the instructions below. 
This year, the NER will be in Indianapolis, Indiana on July 17th-21st. It is a powerful event participated in by 80,000 Catholics across the US. Be ready to be transformed by the power of the Eucharist. If you are interested, please contact the office.
We are offering blue bags in the back of the church for you to take home to fill with your empty cans and bottles and bring back to St. Jude. We have done this before, and it has proven to be a successful ongoing fundraiser for us. We appreciate your participation! 
Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, September 10th. All are welcome!
Have you been meaning to get rid of a few things that have been cluttering up your home? Do you have some things that you haven’t used in quite a while? There are only 7 more days to donate, and we could use your help! The cut-off date is June 9th. 

Come volunteer to help us get ready, we will be working June 4th-6th from 10:00 am-12:00 pm! Also, If you can volunteer a few hours to help during the sale, let us know. Thank you to all who have already donated and helped in the sorting, we couldn't do it without you!
Rummage Sale hours will be from 9:00 to 3:00 pm on June 21st & 22nd, and 10:00-2:00 pm on June 23rd. All are welcome, so bring some friends!
St. Jude is our beautiful home parish, and we want to raise funds to help us care for it. Our beloved church provides us with sanctuary, fellowship, and allows us a place to experience our faith and the joy of divine love. Let's give back to her!
Right now, we are working on the ticket design and letter of procurement. We aim to be able to give the parish some ideas for auction packages soon, and couldn't be more excited! Ticket sales will begin in July. 
Volunteers are always welcome! This is a large event for us, and there are only 5 months until October 25th! 
Please keep the success of the auction in your prayers!


St. Vincent de Paul has our next meeting at 6:00 PM on June 5th in the Parish Center.

Our next dinner for First Place Family Annex will be Wednesday, June 12th and we will be serving a pasta bar. We are accepting donations for any type of pasta or sauces, salads and ingredients, french bread, and fresh fruit. 
To donate, please contact Vickie McGillivray at 541-729-3049 (call or text) or We are grateful for your gift of continued support for these families. 

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